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        Special low frequency damping spring damper for fan
        Shanghai Songxia absorber group limited official website for your introduction: JB-60-S fan special low frequency damping spring damper, Songxia group is a professional engaged in the fan damper manufacturers recommend a special spring damper for fan, the low frequency damping type design, let the wind machine greatly reduced to enhance the effect of vibration, *, is very obvious, the following is fan dampers are introduced.
        Main features and uses of products
        The JB type low frequency adjustable damping spring damper adopts the material of high strength ductile iron, which has the advantages of wide load range, low natural frequency and convenient installation. The upper part of the shock absorber is equipped with upper bolts and equipment fixed, and the lower part can be fixed with the foundation. It has a height adjusting bolt, which can adjust the equipment level and use lateral damping to improve the horizontal and horizontal stiffness (damping ratio >0.065).
        Application areas: air conditioning box, exhaust fan, windmill. Small ice water unit, water pump. The generator set, the general industrial machinery group.
        JB風機專用低頻阻尼彈簧減震器 Fan low frequency damping
        The material of JB type spring shock absorber is divided into special reinforced nylon and spherical cast iron. Special material for nylon reinforced nylon with fiber reinforced nylon material, excellent strength; resistant to acid and alkali, anti ultraviolet, and the strict aging test, good quality, high safety. The spheroidal cast iron is treated by hot dip galvanizing, and the weatherability is good. It is light and sturdy and easy to install. It is suitable for all kinds of mechanical shock devices. The spring is treated by heat treatment, ED antirust, baking paint and so on. The load deflection of 25mm and 40mm can effectively eliminate the vibration of mechanical structure. *
        JB type spring shock absorber and the fan damper has the advantages of simple structure, easy installation, shock absorber on the lower end of the screw and the screw hole, the upper end of the spring with a height adjusting nut can be installed according to the need to adjust the height of freedom, both ends of the lateral rubber shock absorber damping, increase the damping coefficient of vertical, improve the longitudinal and transverse stiffness, ensure the safe operation of equipment can be more.
        The following are the shape size and other types of JB spring damper.


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